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  • Quick and easy disassembly (internal thread)

  • The reducers can also be used to process smaller metric screws or threaded pieces

  • The fastening can be released at any time by unscrewing the metric screw

  • Anchoring through bond between injection mortar WIT-PE 1000, asphalt and asphalt screw anchor as well as form fit between asphalt and asphalt screw anchor

  • Injection mortar WIT-PE 1000: Pur-Epoxy mortar

  • Processing from + 5°C

  • Minimum shelf life: 12 months

  • Storage temperature between +5°C and +25°C

Only use WIT-PE 1000 injection mortar with protective goggles and gloves. The drilling dust must be removed from the borehole. The asphalt screw anchor is not suitable for permanent tensile loads.

Asphalt screw anchor starter set 10 pieces